Skin infections in dogs are widespread. Cats are also susceptible to skin irritations. Your pet may experience tender red skin causing severe burning and discomfort. A dog rash on the belly is a

As a pet owner, you are familiar with fleas. If your cat or dog is scratching themselves excessively, this is a sure sign that they may need treatment for fleas.

As humans, we are encouraged to follow our vaccination schedule from birth. The joy of bringing home a young fury family edition should not deviate from the essential puppy shots schedule. Being

Planning a family move or a road trip is an exciting time for all. Your four-legged family members are sure to tune into the thrilling times that await. As they

A pet allergy test are an important part of your of your pet’s health.  Allergies are just as common in your pets as they are in our everyday lives. Our environment

pets are missing

Microchipping in case your Pet Goes Missing When your family pet goes missing, you have every reason to be concerned. Your mind starts to wonder where they could be. You

Blood tests for your pet

Understanding Blood Tests for Your Pet Your pets are family. Their health and well-being are just as important as your own and your loved ones! As humans, we are encouraged

Open Wound Care for pet

Lola is 10 years old and has a beautiful life with her parents. Upon initial examination, we discovered several oozing open wounds all over her back. Having no idea how these wounds came about, we had to act quickly.

Buster the nipping dog

Meet little Mamba. This handsome young boxer was displaying aggressive behavior. He actively nipped at everyone. His owners felt his dog nipping was out of control.

Treatment for Parvo, A Silver Lining for Cloud

Another story of treatment for Parvo! The day Cloud arrived at our center was a day will never forget. Cloud is the most adorable 3-month-old Maltese Poodle. She is a dear little girl, but that day we were highly concerned about her. She was not eating or drinking and was genuinely miserable. Her little eyes we so sad, and her energy levels were deficient.