This past weekend we were able to save the life of a beloved family cat, Kixi, who had a horrific day in San Pedro, CA. This poor little guy was attacked by a dog and fled to seek safety. Unfortunately, in the midst of trying to escape, he ran over a retaining wall and fell between the cracks, all the way down to a subterranean level.

The Los Angeles Fire Department 48 firefighters and their Urban Search & Rescue team were the first at the scene to begin Kixi’s rescue mission. They had to utilize force to break apart the retaining wall and reach him. When they finally pulled him from the gap, he was in terrible shape after the attack. He was covered in bite marks, bleeding, and obviously in shock. 

Rescue Crew on the Scene

When Kixi arrived at Peninsula Pet Clinic his vitals were poor, and he was in severe danger of losing his life. He had a temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. While a normal temperature for a human is 98.6, cats normally run a low fever as a part of a strong immune system, with their normal temperatures ranging from 100 to 102 degrees. That means that this poor little guy came in with below a standard hypothermic temperature.

We got to work right away and got him into surgery, operating overnight on the bite marks, tending to his wounds, ensuring no extensive internal damage, and making sure vitals were brought up to normal.


Kixi recovered comfortably at the clinic with IV fluids, antibiotics to ensure no spread of infection from the bites, as well as pain medication to help him recover from this horrifying experience.

We’re so happy to share that we saw Kixie just a few days later with his family for routine follow up to ensure effective wound recovery. He’s getting back to his normal routines, jumping around his favorite furniture just like before the attack, and will live a long, happy, complication-free life. We are so happy for Kixi and his family – being able to bring families back together with their pets after these tragic accidents is why we do what we do.

Kixi is recovering well!