Flea Treatment Options at Peninsula Pet Clinic

Pug that is sad

Flea Problem? 

If your pet has fleas, they may be itchy and miserable. Untreated fleas can also lead to other problems like allergies, anemia or even tapeworms.

It’s not just dogs and outdoor cats that are at risk – there are millions of bugs right in your own backyard and they could easily hop on your pant leg or shoe for a ride into your home! If you bring your dog to the dog park, they are at risk of getting a flea infestation from another dog, too. 

There is no reason to be afraid of these scenarios or to try to avoid them. You want to be able to let your pet frolic and play and you want to live your life, too! 

Don’t wait another day if you think your pet may have fleas. They do not go away on their own and will continue to get worse.

Luckily, there are some incredibly effective treatments on the market and here at Peninsula Pet Clinic, we want to give you the best flea treatment for your pet to get immediate relief. 

Some of the oral and topical products we recommend and have in our office are: 

We offer competitive pricing and we’ll answer all your questions when you come into the office to pick up your pet’s flea treatment.  

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