Adult Wellness Package

adult dog laying in grass

We’re Here to Keep Your Family Dog Healthy and Well

Your family’s dog needs regular check-ups just like we do. If your pet is an adult, you should bring them in for routine visits.

Peninsula Pet Clinic is here to help you care for your furry loved ones 7 days a week till 8pm. We are also much more than your average vet clinic, we are a full-service animal hospital that provides unique state-of-the-art preventative services to make sure your dog is living their longest and best life.

Adult Wellness Package Offer

Adult Dog Wellness Package $650 – Total Value $855

  • FREE Office Visits for 12 months ($59 ea.)

  • Yearly Vaccines (Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies ($80)

  • Fecal: Ova and Parasites ($74.98)

  • Deworming ($42.33)

  • Bath, nail trim, anal glands ($65 + 24 + 35)

  • Blood Panel: Total Health Plus Profile: Chem 27 with SDMA, CBC, T4 ($203.50)

  • 2 View X-Rays ($252.48)

Get all of the above for $650. This is an over $200 savings! Call us today or fill in the form to set your appointment to get your pet started! 

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