Early Detection Can Save Your Senior Pet’s Life!

Just like us, pets need checkups as they age to help detect health issues and handle them early so they don’t turn into serious problems. If your pet is getting older, it’s important to bring them in for routine checkups to detect and handle any health issues before they worsen.

At Peninsula Pet Clinic, we are here to help you care for your pet 7 days a week including evenings! We will always see emergencies even with no wait and even without an appointment. 

This July we are offering our Premium Senior Package at a discount.

Special Offer

VIP Premium Senior Package $750 – Total Value $1,105 (with just one exam!)

This package includes:

  • FREE Office Visits for 12 months ($59 ea.)
  • Yearly Vaccinations DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies ($80)
  • Fecal: Ova and Parasites ($74.98)
  • Deworming ($42.33)
  • Bath, Nail Trim and anal glands ($65 + 24 + 35)
  • Blood Panel: Senior Screen Profile Chem 25 with SDMA, CBC, T4 & Urinalysis ($224.40)
  • ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND – This is a priceless tool for early problem detection ($225.87)
  • 3 View X-Rays ($298.72)

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