Episode 1 – Raffaty

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you story about why I think Dr. Van Volkenburgh is the best vet in South Bay. I have been working with her for some time now and this is the kind of thing that I get to see on a daily basis working with her.

We recently met this beautiful dog named Raffaty but he wasn’t doing too well when we met. 🙁

His parents brought him because their usual vet did a brush-off job and didn’t find out the real cause of the issue. Raffaty was vomiting with no appetite and couldn’t sit upright or walk. That “vet” gave some patch up medication which didn’t solve the issue at all and Raffaty stayed in this bad condition.

Well, then on Sunday night at 8pm when his owners couldn’t take it anymore, he came in to see Dr. V. Even though it was 8pm on a Sunday night and we normally close at 8pm, she knew that something was off and wasn’t going to send poor Raffaty on his way just because of that. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She immediately got bloodwork and an ultrasound done. The lab works showed extremely high liver values and after his ultrasound, Dr. found a gallbladder mucocele. This mucocele was the exact cause of the vomiting and severe abdominal pain.

With the correct information to hand, Dr. V got to work and performed the exact right procedure needed and Raffaty went home happy and doing much better. He is now taking his medication, eating drinking from his bowl and even sitting up without vomiting anymore!

That’s really the point. Dr. V does real veterinary care. If you take your pet to a “vet” and they don’t get better, bring them in to see Dr. V and she will help you.

That’s all for now! 🙂



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