Episode 2 – Missy

Hi again! We had another amazing story this week that really shows how amazing Dr. Van Volkenburgh and the team here at Peninsula Pet Clinic really are.

Missy was adopted by her parents from an online breeder at 2 months old. Just 2 days later, Missy’s parents brought her into our clinic as she was not eating, was throwing up and obviously felt very poorly. Missy is a tiny, adorable little puppy so her tiny little body was not handling the stress very well. After seeing how she was acting, noticing some tell-tale signs and doing some clinical tests on her fecal matter, we were able to determine that she had a very bad case of Parvo. Parvo in small dogs can be deadly – because they cannot go too long without eating – so we had to act quickly. Missy’s case was so bad she couldn’t even stand! We immediately put her on antibiotics and an IV and got her onto plasma cells – for over 6 hours! We continued to monitor her minute by minute.

By midnight that night, she was finally lifting her head and even though she wasn’t ready to eat yet, she was really interested in water. So we gave her a clean water dish that she savored every last drop of! She also kept soiling herself, so we constantly kept wiping her down and giving her mini baths. We were determined to keep her clean and bright!

By the following morning, she was up and about and eating! She was with us a few days, but by the time she got discharged, she was almost unrecognizable. She was happy, running around, bright, shiny new! Her parents were thrilled to say the least.

Missy is now doing well, healthy, growing and doing just fine back at home.

Dr. Van Volkenburgh loves all animals like they are her own and will not stop until she is able to find the real cause of any pet’s distress. Missy is just another example of Dr. V’s incredible ability to save lives!



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