Episode 4 – Monstro

Hi from Panechan!

A small puppy was brought to us because he had aspirated and was vomiting up blood.

Dr. Van Volkenburgh presented a thorough treatment plan with hospitalization, nebulizer and antibiotics. She wanted him to get x-rays to make sure there was nothing more wrong with his lungs because they were very crackly.

The poor puppy was so lethargic and sad. The Dr. wasn’t sure he would make it – she wasn’t even sure he would live to that evening.

We watched and treated him hourly. We also had to watch and make sure he was only given only small amounts of food because he was so small and couldn’t go too long without food, but it is also dangerous to give him more things he could choke on. It was tricky!

The owner did not have the finances to help the puppy, so requested that he be euthanized. The Dr. did not want to put the dog down and requested that they give up rights to the dog. Even though she felt it was a risk, she did not want to give up on the pup! The owner at first did not want anyone to have the puppy but her, but she realized that the only chance he had was us.

The owner finally did give up rights and we took care of the little guy. And I ended up falling in love with him and ended up adopting himself!

He is now big, happy, healthy and almost needs to put on a diet! He has a big family with us and he loves it. He comes to work every day with me at Peninsula Pet Clinic and is truly thriving.

He is now 3 months old. He is a happy American Bully and his name is Monstro!

I wanted to share this story because here at Peninsula Pet Clinic, we truly care about all animals, whether they are ours or not and we believe that every pet is worth saving!



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