Episode 5 – Polly


Polly is a dog who was brought to us recently because she was crying and obviously in a lot of pain. Polly’s mom had already tried another vet, but they told her they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and sent them home.

When Dr Van Volkenburgh saw Polly, she realized that something was very wrong and immediately ordered tests. One of the tests was a CT Scan. During the scan, they found big rocks in Polly’s belly! We also found out she had meningitis!

We treated her meningitis with antibiotics, steroids, fluids, etc. We had to perform surgery to remove the rocks and we found two large rocks – the larger one was the size of a half dollar! It was no surprise that Polly was so miserable before she came to us.

She was with us a total of 4 days. When she arrived, she was crying, had a very high fever and was completely miserable. Even though other vets told Polly’s mom to go home, they were not able to give a diagnosis, let alone cure her. By the end of the 4th day with us, Polly was a happy, active and loving doggie again! Her mom was so happy to have found the cause of Polly’s pain and fully cure her! She even posted about it on social media because she was so relieved!

The moral of this story is: no matter what experience you had at a different vet, Dr Van Volkenburgh and her team will not give up until we find the source of your pet’s discomfort and we are able to cure it!



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