Episode 6 – Kye

Hi there! It’s Panechan again!

Kye is a young puppy who is barely 11 weeks old. He was brought in by his owner with a bunch of scary symptoms. Poor Kye wouldn’t stop vomiting and he also had bad diarrhea and would not eat. 

We started off by testing him for Parvo – a pretty common illness in dogs that is very contagious and if not treated right away can result in death 😢

But we caught Kye’s case just in time! We immediately started treatment, including plasma for the little guy. We did a few more tests just to be sure we covered all bases and we found out he also had Giardia! That’s a harmful intestinal parasite that requires a course of antibiotics to cure – which we did!

He was actually really sad when he first came in, but we caught it fast and treated it without delay so he was actually back to his happy, talkative self by that first night!

We kept him for a few days for observation and to make sure that we flushed the virus out of his little body before sending him home. By the 3rd day, he was totally cured, happy as could be and ready to go home! 

We like to find the real source of your pet’s discomfort at Peninsula Pet Clinic. We don’t want to just keep treating the symptoms! So we will dig and dig until we find the real issue and fix it at the source. When you bring your furry family members to us, you can rest assured that we will make sure they go home fully well!



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