Episode 7 – Cloud

Hi! We experience daily miracles at Peninsula Pet Clinic and I would like to share one with you today!

Cloud is a 3 month old Maltese Poodle. She came in feeling very badly and would not eat at all. You can see from the picture that little Cloud was MISERABLE. 

After a few tests, we were able to diagnose little Cloud with Parvo. I was actually really concerned and I did not think her odds of living through the night were high at all. =(

We did not wait and immediately got Cloud onto the right treatments and within a couple days, Cloud was completely recovered and actually eating! She looks like a totally new dog and is happy as can be!

We are always here for you and your pet. Some illnesses act quickly and aggressively on your pet and we want you to know we will work faster and smarter! Our team will always make sure you and your furry family members leave well and happy!



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