Healthy pets are
happy pets.

As an Emergency Care Clinic, Peninsula Pet Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art 
veterinary machinery along with friendly, compassionate care to make sure your pet
is not only healthy but also smiling from ear to ear.


This is a simple, safe, and effective
way to ensure your pet’s safety and
retrieval should they ever become

Travel certificates

If you are traveling with your pet, you may be required to have a Health Certificate.

Flea Treatment Options at Peninsula Pet Clinic

Fleas can quickly become
an infestation if not treated

Allergy testing

If your pet suffers
from severe allergies,
we can provide relief!
Get allergy testing


Lets create vaccination schedule that will keep your cat or dog safe and healthy throughout their life.


Skin diseases are very common in
pets and can be challenging to
diagnose and treat without proper
knowledge and tests.

Eye care

Just like humans,
pets suffer from many
of the same eye conditions
that affect us

Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment for Your Pet
is a great way to maintain a
healthy mouth and avoid costly
dental procedures in the future.

Ultrasound imaging

An Ultrasound will let the
veterinarian know how to help your
pet get the right treatment.

Low exposure digital x-ray

Radiology is a technique and
diagnostic tool that we use to look
inside the body in a completely
non-invasive way.

Pet CT scan

Our FDA-approved CT scan
technology provides us with a look
at what may be going on inside
your pet.

Cold laser therapy

If your dog suffers from arthritis,
soft-tissue injuries, or tendon
issues, cold laser therapy is a great
option to promote healing.

Soft tissue surgery

We know that it can be stressful to
have your pet undergo surgery. Be
assured that your pet is in
loving hands

Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet suffers a traumatic
injury that leads to a broken bone
or torn ligament your pet may need
surgery to repair this

Euthanasia & Cremation

Knowing when the time
is right can be a difficult choice.
Get quick, prompt,
respectful service.