Got an itch?

Does your pet have an itching/scratching problem? If your pet suffers from too much itching and scratching we are here to help!

This itching and scratching may be the result of an allergic reaction to environmental or dietary factors. Pet allergy problems can be severe and more than just a nuisance for your pet. Part of the trouble is the real damage that can result from continually trying to scratch the itch.

If your pet suffers from severe allergies, we can provide relief! When you have made the decision to treat your pet for the allergy issue, the doctor will perform a free allergy test to determine the source of the trouble to help in the future.

Same Day Relief

Whether the problem is dietary or environmental we will identify the trouble and provide same day treatment to provide your pet with relief!

Dr. Van Volkenburgh at Peninsula Pet Clinic in San Pedro, CA offers solutions to help give your pet relief. She is is dedicated to helping people who want to help their pets who suffer from allergy issues.

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