Is an X-Ray Safe for Pets?

At Peninsula Pet Clinic in San Pedro, CA, we are a full-service animal hospital and veterinary clinic, proud to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. Radiology is a technique and diagnostic tool that we use to look inside the body in a completely non-invasive way. We offer state-of-the-art Low Exposure Digital X-Rays to limit radiation and keep your pet safe. Whether you’re searching for an emergency vet clinic during an unexpected situation or want to get a pet’s pain point checked out – we are here to help.

Why Does a Pet Need an X-Ray?

Sometimes you can notice that your pet isn’t feeling well, but pets aren’t always able to tell you where they are in pain. X-rays are useful to a doctor to determine the difficulties your pet may be having. An X-ray can show foreign objects in the stomach, bladder stones, tumors, pregnancy, or cancer. They can also detect problems after an accident such as broken bones or air in the chest cavity.

An X-ray is also useful in determining what treatment is needed if a pet is having orthopedic or joint pain issues.

Low Exposure Digital X-Ray Technology

At Peninsula Pet Clinic, we are a full-service animal hospital that offers the people of San Pedro CA an opportunity to get an X-ray done on their pets with a low amount of radiation. We are also an emergency vet clinic, which means we need the best technology possible. Our unique X-ray technology is all digital and provides instant results for immediate diagnosis and treatment plans if required.

If you want piece of mind about your pet’s health and think an X-ray could be the solution, give us a call! (310) 833-1111

Dr. Van Volkenburgh is very knowledgeable, caring and dedicated. i took my cat there with a problem and she diagnosed it without lots of expensive testing. Highly recommend this vet. Staff is great. Also, like that they are open until 8pm everyday of the week.

KG (Facebook Review)

Under the new ownership this place has changed a lot. Service got much better. Thank you Dr Anyes Van Volkenburgh for savings my time during appointments.

AP (Yelp Review)

We had an emergency on a Sunday with our precious English bulldog. We were welcomed right away and our dog was treated and quickly diagnosed as needing emergency surgery. The staff her stabilized our dog overnight so that we could take to our own surgeon the following morning. Our dog could of died if this kind vet clinic was not here for us on a Sunday. Can’t thank them enough.

JT (Yelp Review)

Great staff & Vet. Very caring & professional, also accommodating. Dr. V was awesome. Highly recommend.

NN (Google Review)

Very clean very efficient with excellent service ??

JM (Google Review)

I took my cat for a physical exam because she seemed sick and I’d heard really good aspects of this place. Fortunately, I did because they were so helpful, caring, understanding and knowledgable. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service and care for my cat from the staff and Dr. Van Volkenburgh. I’m so thankful for the care they gave to my baby girl and had no issues with my experience so I highly recommend coming here.

AV (Google Review)

Life savers!! My dogs fur started falling out in January. I called Peninsula Pet Clinic and Diana picked up the phone. I told her everything and she genuinely cared about my situation. She had me bring my dog up immediately and got him checked out. My dog was always scared of going into Veterinary clinics, but not this one. Everyone was so friendly we both felt at ease. I am blown away with this clinic. They have completely made us feel like part of the family. Bottom line, my dogs skin, and health are getting back to normal because Diana was so helpful and eager to get me in. I truly owe her and the rest of the staff a great deal of gratitude for everything they have done for Cody and I.

JM (Google Review)